This Mobile Legend Item Will Be Removed And Replaced With This Item
29 May 2023

Mobile Legends items underwent significant changes with the removal of two items and the introduction of new items. In the upcoming patch, it is estimated that the Calamity Reaper and Shadow Twinblades will be removed from this game and replaced with a new item that will catch the attention of players.


source : VY Gaming


The decision to remove Calamity Reaper and Shadow Twinblades was not taken lightly. There is a compelling reason and back story that involves replacing this item. In the backstory, one existing item is upgraded by using another item, and eventually they combine into a new, more powerful and useful item.


Calamity Reaper and Shadow Twinblades are rarely used by Mobile Legends players. Especially Shadow Twinblades, this relatively new item doesn't have much popularity and is often forgotten in the game meta. Therefore, the developer decided to delete these two items and replace them with a new item called Starlium Scythe.


source : Mobile Legends Bang Bang


Starlium Scythe is a new item that attracts players' attention. This item inherits almost all of the unique attributes and effects of Calamity Reaper and Shadow Twinblades. By having +70 Magic Power, +10% Cooldown Reduction, 8% Hybrid Lifesteal, and +8 Mana Regen, this item offers a very useful combination for Magical Damage players.


However, the Starlium Scythe's greatest appeal lies in its passive effect called "Crisis". After using a skill, the next basic attack within 3 seconds gives 100% Magic Power as additional True Damage and gives 10% additional Movement Speed with a cooldown of 1.5 seconds. This effect provides players with a significant power boost, especially in critical situations or intense combat.


In addition to item replacement, there is also a price change for the Starlium Scythe. Compared to the previous Calamity Reaper's price of 1950, the Starlium Scythe will be priced at 2220. This price change may have occurred due to the improvements and enhancements that this item has.


source : youtube


Of course, the introduction of this new item raises many questions. How will this new item be received by Mobile Legends players? Will this item become a favorite among players or will it still be inferior to other existing Magical Damage items?


This depends on how effective this item is in increasing the Magical Damage abilities of the players. Starlium Scythe offers a combination of powerful attributes and beneficial passive effects, which can help players deal more damage and give them an edge in battle.


However, players' response to these new items will be determined by a variety of factors, such as the current meta of the game, other changes in the patch, and how these items interact with certain heroes and strategies.