These are the Best Valorant Agents in Radiant Rank, Must Be Picked!
27 May 2023

Finding the best Valorant agent in the Radiant rank is an important thing for players, both beginners and experienced, to know. In finding the best agent, learning from players at the highest rank can give you new knowledge about this game.


For Valorant players, choosing the right agent is the key to achieving victory. There are many agents available in this game, but not all of them are suitable for use in all situations. Therefore, in this article, we will review the 3 best Valorant agents in the Radiant rank who can be your choice to strengthen your team.



source : Valorant


Jett may already be very popular among Valorant players. This one agent has the ability to run fast with Tailwind and Cloudburst smoke, making him one of the best agents in the Radiant rank.

In addition, Jett has the power of flying and gliding which allows him to overcome all situations. Jett's knife is also very deadly and you must learn it if you want to defeat enemies instantly!



source : Valorant


Killjoy is one of the best Sentinel agents in the Radiant rank. He is very skilled at defending a site by himself using his Turret or Nanoswarm.

Apart from that, Killjoy also guards the entrances to the site using the robots he has. Thus making it difficult for the enemy to execute it.



source : Valorant


Sova is the most widely used agent with the Initiator role to date and is still a mainstay of players at the Radiant rank.

He has the ability to find information about the whereabouts of enemies and everything that is on the site before entering it. With his drone, you can also help find hidden enemies without you or your team having to enter the site.


Knowing and mastering these three agents can help you in playing Valorant. Now, you already know the 3 best Valorant agents in the Radiant rank, making the enemies nervous. How about your favorite Valorant agent?