These Are the 5 Most Beautiful Characters in the Resident Evil Series Game
26 May 2023

For those of you who are fans of the Resident Evil game, you must be familiar with the iconic characters from this game. Resident Evil is an action game about zombie attacks on the residents of Raccoon City that is mandatory and fun to follow. Apart from an interesting story, this game is also known for its characters that support every Resident Evil game series.


Even though it is presented in a gripping horror nuance, Resident Evil Series games also often present beautiful female characters who are no less attractive from a visual standpoint. The following are the 5 most beautiful female characters in the Resident Evil game :


1.Rebecca Chambers

source : the gamers


The figure of Rebecca Chambers is described as a tomboyish girl who appeared in the first Resident Evil game. She is a member of the RPD S.T.A.R.S. the youngest and very agile, beautiful, and skilled.


2.Cindy Lennox Cindy

source : capcom


A character from Resident Evil Outbreak who has a good nature and always puts others first. She is a bartender at a bar in Raccoon City.


3.Ashley Graham

source : capcom


Behind the beauty, Ashley Graham is the daughter of the former president of the United States, Graham. She was kidnapped by Jack Krauser and taken somewhere in Spain. Leon was sent by the United States government to investigate her whereabouts and bring her home.

4.Claire Redfield

source : capcom


Claire is the younger sister of S.T.A.R.S. namely Chris Redfield. Besides having a beautiful face, Claire is also one of the strongest women in the Resident Evil game.


5.Ada Wong

source : capcom


Ada Wong is an Asian female character who appears in Resident Evil 4. She is a secret agent assigned by the Umbrella team to bring back a deadly virus being developed by Umbrella. This character is unique because of her sexy appearance and many players, especially boys, are amazed by her beauty.


That's all the information about the most beautiful female character in the Resident Evil game, hopefully it can add to your knowledge and love for this game!